Friday, 23 December 2011

Tia aka "So Sick" won Vybz Kartel Teachas Pet

Tia aka So Sick won Vybz Kartel heart on the final episode of Teachas Pet .She was chosen by the Teacha on the final night over the new Trinidad girl Candy,after Salem and Trini was eliminated earlier. Tia had to run fast like Usain Bolt after she was attack by Salem,after she was eliminated.Candy got the highest points from the final challenges and won the date with Vybz kartel and he repeatedly saying he is feeling her alot throughout his date with her. Candy seamed favored to take his heart with her beauty and charm which over shadowed Kartel but it was So Sick who got the Teacha's heart in the end.
Despite the legal wows of Vybz Kartel and he being locked up in Jail his Teacha's Pet reality show was still showing on Jamaican TV station CVM which had its final episode today.

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